Underpinning sensing microsystems to enable next-generation wearable bionic devices for recording muscle activities

As a deep-tech startup, Neuranics aims to address disruptive neurotechnology in human-machine interfacing for healthcare, gaming and metaverse applications through a prototype of a wearable device based on highly sensitive spintronic sensors. Founded in 2021, Neuranics is the world's first tunnelling magnetoresistive (TMR) system in an unprecedented level of miniaturization by Professor Hadi Heidari (Nanoelectronics at James Watt School of Engineering, University of Glasgow) and Professor ‪Kianoush Nazarpour (Biomedical AI at School of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh).

Our company vision is to integrate super-resolution and nanoscale sensors into XR wearable devices such as wristbands and headsets to bridge the physical and virtual (metaverse) worlds. Most noninvasive methods for recording muscle/brain signals measure electrical activities generated by groups of fibres/neurons or detect small changes in blood oxygenation, which correlate well to nearby neural activity. But existing technology in both of these technologies are rife with drawbacks, limitations or shortcomings.

Neuranics is building the next generation of muscle measurement systems by leveraging the strengths of spintronics into products that offer the following benefits:

  • High-quality & high-density magnetic biosignal
  • Without a magnetically shielded environment
  • High spatial resolution
  • Single motor unit detection
  • Wearability & scalability
  • Wireless & contactless
  • Low power consumption
  • Room temperature (without cooling)
  • Relatively low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Freedom of user motion
  • Better positioning of sensors with fewer exogenous signal artifacts
  • Faster screening due to the possibility of contactless measurements
  • Enabling 24/7 monitoring without touching with finger to close the loop

The magnetic-based wearable device developed by Neuranics is compact, lightweight and highly sensitive, and is expected to have a wide range of applications. Neuranics will contribute to society by selling this sensor system all over the world.

We believe that, in combination and at scale, the new scientific and nanoengineering concept will revitalize the magnetic measurement of high-quality muscle activity through non-invasive monitoring, better positioning, and fast screening of sensors without electrical contacts.


The first miniaturized and non-cryogenic device to the end-user market will replace the bulky, invasive and expensive laboratory instruments with easy-to-use wearable XR platforms.


Miniaturised magnetic sensors enabled by cutting-edge nanotechnology

System Integration

Spintronic-on-a-chip system in an unprecedented level of miniaturisation

Background Control

Real-time background noise cancellation with ultralow power consumption


Measuring three dimensional (3D) biomagnetic signals in a pico-Tesla range using hybrid spintronics-CMOS technology.


Solutions provided by Neuranics:

Research & Development

Starting from such a vague R&D phase of principle study, we will verify the technology with the customer through research on the necessary measurement technology and the prototype of the necessary sensor, and then proceed to the next business phase and create a new business.

Customised Magnetic Sensor

We provide magnetic sensors that match the needs of our customers by balancing the two conflicting requirements of sensitivity and dynamic range at a high level. We also provide solutions that include peripheral circuits that bring out the performance of magnetic sensors.

Manufacture & Sale

We will prepare thin-film manufacturing equipment, microfabrication equipment, and assembly/mounting equipment for mass production, develop together with customers, and plan to deliver customised magnetic sensors as mass-produced products.


Neuranics is developing its patented spintronic platform that enables efficient delivery of a wide range of applications.





Patent portfolio

Neranics has exclusive licence to intellectual properties protected by approved and pending patent families and further IP will be derived through the product development stage.

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